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 #82190  by Kaifusha
 Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:14 pm
So, we've been doing Gratefulfest at Nelson's Ledges for the last four years (what a great venue/time!), but the lineup at AllGood looks too juicy to miss, so that's our tour this summer. Anyone ever been that has tips/reflections on the camping scene there? I'm gathering that you likely can't camp next to your car, so any logistical recommendations from experience at the venue would be greatly appreciated! :hail:
 #82197  by kenneybonz
 Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:28 pm
we r going there for the first time, it's not all woodsy like nlqp, and more field oriented I am told.
We r going up wed so we don't have to deal with the parking scene and crowds.. we are working too and that may be why going wed is an option. but hopefully it is smoother to fill up then how they do vibes.

also, i think its' cooler a bit because it's in the mountains. I hear that anyway.
hope we all get have a great time.. anyone else going? tk
 #82438  by mttourpro
 Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:35 am
I went the past 9 years...not this year tho.

They say no camping by the car but that's BS....if they give you a hassle, just do what they say til they leave and then move.

Bring your own shade/sunblock. There's almost none and it's always hot as hell there.Try to park close to the gate as it can be a brutally long walk if you get parked far away, up and down hills. ADA and RV camping are closest. The port-o-lets are generally very clean, they have a hose truck for water and even sell 5 buck showers.

You can bring non-glass into the show. Big bonus as they do sell beer but it's not cheap (they usually get an unusal but good brewery). Expect a major search on the way in. I lost a glass last year as well as a jar and that's one reason I'm not going this year. Long story.

Also, be aware, there's a lot of great folks there and I've made some really good friends I'd see every year in the same places but, there's a LOT of very sketchy junkies and a lot of white evil powders floating around. There's always some very negative occurances each year. It doesn't get called AllHood for nothing. Just be careful what you do and with whom and you'll have a blast. Oh, and the sound is great. They always have a killer system, they're always pon time and the event itself is run like a swiss watch. This year's line up looks as good as ever.
 #82457  by Kaifusha
 Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:16 am
Great input - thanks! Looking at what I could find on YouTube, it looks as though alot of folks camp next to their cars, which would be great. Our little group is getting too old and decrepit to be lugging a lot of camping gear up and down hills.

Any other reflections, anyone?