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 #80097  by adellethegreat
 Sun May 16, 2010 3:47 pm
I was wandering around the craft sale at my local carnival this weekend while my kids gorged themselves on sugar... and I stumbled on a guy selling a hodgepodge of antiques & whatnots. I knew I was drawn there for a reason... check out what I scored!

I couldn't seem to find a quarter so a nickel will have to do for sizing

Close ups...

I did a little searching online but couldn't find anything similar. Anyone ever seen these before or know where I might be able to learn of their rarity? I'm not interested in selling them but I'd like to know how unique they may or may not be.
 #80099  by ugly rumor
 Sun May 16, 2010 3:54 pm
That path is for your steps alone! Cherish the kindness of the karma that led you there, use them as you see fit, and if and when it seems right, pass them. Their rarity is immaterial; they are yours to safekeep for now. Peace!