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 #3111  by fum84
 Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:59 pm
grateful dead kick ass
 #3120  by phreaker
 Wed Jan 25, 2006 8:33 pm
Welcome to the party.

I also find myself listening to nothing but the Dead for weeks on end. I recently aquired a CD/Record player, and it works damn well. My pops was kind enough to lend me almost everysingle one of his vinyls. Sometimes I bring it over to his house, we just kick it and listen to the Dead for hours!

I play the Dead, listen to nothing but the Dead (regarding my Candyman solo post, scratch almost everything i replyed, I finally have everysingle Warner, Arista, and most GD almbums)

Alas, I am only 15. I can only catch Phil, Bob, The Schwag, and Dark Star Orchestra.

Slightly changing the subject, I just finished the book "Five People you Meet in Heaven." It gave me a whole new outlook on what I think of "heaven." In the book, heaven was whatever made you happy (the weddings for the bride, the cafe on the mountain for Ruby.)

I hope heaven is a big ol' Dead tour, a re-birth of 710.

Sounds cheesey. But I know a lot of you older, wiser DeadHeads wouldnt mind something like that, too.