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 #1943  by Pocket
 Sat Aug 13, 2005 9:56 pm
I just miss him so much. The world lost an amazing visionary and musician when Jerry died but also shifted into a new realm of expression with amazing bands following his lead.
 #1946  by Arry_78
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:45 am
I used to think that The Dead and Jerry were and a over-estimated band of guys until I ended up watching a concert video and 1 of my friends house, It truly changed my outlook on The Dead and Jerry as a guitarist.
Now I've found I can finally listen to those shows that helped create the Legend!

God Bless You Jerry, Phil, Bob, Pig, Bill, Mickey I really wish I was able to see a Dead show, atleast I was able to see Ratdog a couple of times

 #1947  by Guest
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 10:38 am
Thank you Jerry for a great time, all those years. I cant belive its 10 years alerady. I havent thought about it that way. I saw this Forum Thread when i was going to looks for some Great Dead Tabs. thanx again for you and your music jerry.
 #1948  by Uncle Sam
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 11:18 am
Its been ten years sense a great musician died one of the fineist to walk on this earth the man is gone but his name will forever live on like rippel in still water
 #1949  by Scovito
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 12:05 pm
The first CD that I ever bought was Skeletons. I was six years old and I listened to it over and over until it finally wore out. My parents continued buying me Dead CDs, which was all I would ever listen to. I was a happy kid who never really got upset or cried even when he fell off of his bike or got hit by his older brother. The only time I remember crying was when I heard the news. I was over at a friend's house and we were playing football when his mom came outside and said "Scott, your mom's on the phone." I came in, handled the telephone and when I heard the news, my tiny world was rattled. I was pouring tears and asked to be picked up immediately. I cried for about a week straight. Jerry was more than a musician, he was an inpiration.
After about a week my mom said that I had to honor his death rather than mourn it. So at the tender age of 8 I picked up a guitar. I now know how to play most of the songs on this website, have performed at several locations as a Dead tribute act, and continue to aspire to Jerry's level. I know that when it's been 20 years I'll still feel the same way. Some kids grow up idolizing sports heros or actors, but for me Jerry Garcia and the rest of the Grateful Dead were far greater than any other form of entertainment.
 #1951  by Deadicated
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 12:43 pm
He will keep on Picking in Heaven 8)

Went to the well but the water was dry
Dipped my bucket in the clear blue sky
Looked in the bottom and what did I see?
The whole damned world looking back at me
 #1952  by fish
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 1:58 pm
 #1953  by RrrDoGTwelve
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 5:26 pm
I can't belive its been that long already.
 #1954  by bmcauley
 Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:31 pm
Jerry my friend how art thou?
Have been jaming out
Are you still the cats meow
You were such a friend
YOu didn't have to know it
How do we start to mend
The time we had was short
you were always rockin
70,000 heads and you would hold court
Dead ahead is a sunny day
You are not alone
If you get confused listed to the music play

Missin you bro!


 #1955  by Another One
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 5:05 am
One of my earliest memories is that fateful August 9th when Jerry transcended this life and passed into the next, my friend's mom said a prayer at lunch that day. When I moved away from my home years later, my own mother have me the skeletons from the closet cd, which became my most precious belonging. Jerry your sweet melodies helped me through those tough years of learning a new language and adapting to a different culture. And speaking for the France based dead heads, THANKYOU, have a good one and take it easy...

 #1956  by circleoflife
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 6:07 am
After Jerry died, I missed the Golden Gate Memorial, but was able to attend the next Hog Farm Music Festival, which occured just a little bit afterward. Some of the highlights were the futher bus returning from the memorial, pulling into the middle of the audience and Timothy Leary walking out dressed as the tin man. After purchasing some square meals direct from the bus, I awaited Bob Wier's performance, which was highlighted by a blackbird rendition that left me weaping.

From the Hog Farm we traveled up the coast to catch santana in Portland. There, something magical happened. It was a cloudy day, but when Santana finished his speech to the audience about Jerry, a little spot of sunshine appeared, and then a ball of light came through and traveled around the sky only to splash the audience.

At that point, I knew everything would be OK, stopped mourning, and started waiting for Jerry reincarnate. :cheers:

 #1957  by musicman11
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:49 pm
My biggest regret in life is a stupid one. I regret not being born earlier which i really can't help. Jerry only lives in recordings to me but those recordings bring me sheer joy. Jerry could make me cry, laugh, and bob my head intensly all in the same set. And thanks you jerry, for opening my eyes to all other kinds of great music. But no one else could move me the way you could.

 #1959  by nhill
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 4:28 pm
While I was too young to ever see Jerry perform with the Grateful Dead, I have been lucky enough to have seen three Dead shows, and I can only imagine how incredible they were when Jerry was around.

He's made me dance, he's made me laugh, and he's made me happy with his music, and ultimately it was his playing that encouraged me to train my guitar skills.

Jerry, I miss you, and although I never knew what it was like to be in your mystic presence, I feel sad whenever I think about the long, strange trip coming to an end.

 #1960  by Billbbill
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 4:37 pm
Ten years is a long time yet it seems like only yesterday, all of my more memorable Jerry & GD moments floating through my mind and then around and around again and again.

He gave all he had and lived more during his abbreviated stay than most in a full lifetime.

He played on the edge and in a very real way his approach to music was a model for life.

No fear.
Take calculated risks.
Trust your intuition.
Let go of limiting preconceptions.
Go where you go with joy, love, passion and devotion.

This "surrender" or "opening up" allows for the best that is within us, that we have to offer, to ourselves and our community, to bloom in unfettered beauty and brilliance.

He's not the first to tread this ground, but he's the first to do so in his own special, unique way.

The joy and euphoria from the roller coaster of those sweet, tender lows to the raucous, climatic highs will stay with us forever.

His gift to us will always be treasured, remembered and enjoyed.

 #1961  by Joe
 Mon Aug 15, 2005 5:17 pm
Just got back from the 10th Annual Gathering of the vibes for the weekend and all I can say is Jerry lives on!!! STEEL YOUR FACE!