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 #1189  by ycomp
 Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:55 am
Can anyone share tabs of the various tricks Jerry seems to use all the time in his solos?

I mean if you listen to many solos there are some standard things that he does that sound really cool (but are hard to describe with words, so that's why I'm so vague :)

 #1277  by Cosmic C
 Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:52 pm
Please continue...

 #1297  by ycomp
 Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:30 pm
Hey Kenny, looks interesting. I tried it but couldn't figure out good places to play it.

What songs is it used in?

 #1298  by ycomp
 Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:32 pm
Another thing I consider one of "jerry's tricks" is this "dancing" thing he does (for lack of a better description) in eyes:


hopefully someone can give me some insight into what he is doing.

 #1302  by ycomp
 Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:21 pm
Kenny, thanks for the offer. I will post a message right now in the Eyes forum because that is where the original question is.

So please look at it over here: