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 #67  by sabe
 Fri May 14, 2004 1:10 pm
2 experienced Guitarists looking to unite with Bass, Keys, and Drumz for relaxed, inspired Dead jamming.

If the following criteria sounds "just exactly perfect", then you're gonna be Playing in the Band us. wooo hooooo

Goals: pure jam fun. no intention of gigging. We both have full time Day Jobs and families. We both know that the scheduling of gigs and "real" rehearsals is more than we can handle at this point in our lives. If its your goal to end up in a working situation, then this is not the band for you. We feel its important to be up front about that now, rather than lead you down the wrong path.

Frequency: Once a week, hopefully. At least a few times a month.

Talent: must be familiar with, and play Dead

Songbook: 99.9 % Dead and related configurations (jgb, phil friends, etc...). Over the last few years we've probably played 200 songs (THANK YOU RUKIND!) in our bands, and we're willing to learn any of the ones we haven't hit yet.

Arangements: "Typical" Dead keys, tempo, harmonies, and feel. However, note-for-note cloning is not required or expected.

Region: We both live along the rt110 corridor, and are willing to travel as far west as NYC, and 30-40 minutes east of 110

Location: If none of our "home studios" are large enough, then you're willing to kick in your share of a mutually convenient rehearsal room rental (usually $25+ per person per night, depending on location)

Gear: Bring your own (unless provided by aformentioned rehearsal studio)

PA: Ain't got none, hence the likely need for aformentioned reheasal studio. Unless you already have one.

Egos: come on...none of that crap. either you want to play with us or you don't.

Contact: leave post here, indicating interest. I haven't taken the time to register myself on this board yet, but I will as soon as I see the need to start engaging in private messaging/emails....

thanks for reading, hope to hear from ya soon.

 #940  by RollerDan
 Wed Sep 22, 2004 7:07 pm
I am a 17 year old guitar player, ive been playing guitar since i was eight and i love the dead to death, my two cousins are tapers for about thirty years so i have alot of backround, i have some recording stuff like a BR-384 with a 12 channel mixer hooked up to it. Alot of stuff i have but the problem is i live in Upper Saddle River, NJ which is about 30 min away from the city but i can drive there or into long island whenever so just tell me if your intrested.
Danny Weinzoff