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 #1650  by somaguyjt
 Tue May 10, 2005 4:33 pm
hey ill have to see if i have that one, sounds awesome! Are you familiar with 3/26/73? its one of my personal favorites. I would have to say however that my favorite year was '74 theres a show that was played on 9/11/74 at Alexandria palace in Lodon,that has a version of Weather Report Suite that just melts my heart everytime i hear it. I havent heard many versions of it, but i SERIOUSLY CAN NOT even imagine one even equally as good. If you havent heard it, i will totally burn you a copy.

 #1657  by Kenny
 Thu May 12, 2005 12:41 pm
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 #2384  by settledowneasy91
 Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:00 pm
I love basically anything from 73-74, such a mellow sound. Im not a big eighties fan but I feel the 89 october run at hampton is pretty darn good. Watkins Glen '73 is also good (check out row jimmy-some girl keeps yelling about a song they can dance to!) the "Farewell" tour at winterland in 74 is pretty good. Winterland Newyears 78-79 kicks ass, as does the ladies and gentleman (fillmore) boxset. Ah im getting off on a tangent :D

 #2390  by jjbankhead
 Sat Dec 10, 2005 12:58 am
i dont know what show, but on (i believe) one of the dicks picks there is a School Girl that starts off with an emcee saying something like "get up, stand up shake your things cuz the grateful dead are here" than a super slow and thick duhduuum duh duhduuum duh duuum duh duuum duh...duhduuum duh duhduuum.....

that was the track that turned me onto the dead, ilost the copy my frined( who has moved away) made for me and it has since been my holy grail :? , but if you ever figure out what cd that is you'll be stoked, it is followed by a great dark star- st stepehen...

i have been listneing a great deal to a 12/77 ( i think its 12-12 buuut its not in front of me) show and 12/01/79... the seventies and early eighties are where most of my faves are, but i like the early stuff because it helps me with learning guitar, most of that stuff feels easier to play, kinda like early beatles.

hey kenny if you are interested in some live stuff on CD PM me and i can set something up for you. maybe you make me copies of some of your favorite tapes and ill send you as many shows as i can muster.

 #2547  by knowlton
 Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:45 pm

...and 5/9/77 is a VERY nice Peggy, but I'm afraid 5/5/77 tops it, no question.

 #2571  by amyjared
 Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:07 pm
I think any of the shows with special guests are pretty interesting and I suggest the shows with Carlos Santana from Calaveras and the Branford shows from Nassau and New Year's eve. Also, I love Richmond '85 that they finally put out on Dick's Picks. Lastly, there's an acoustic fillmore from '68 or '69 that is fun. Just some others to think about...h

 #2634  by terrapin_john
 Tue Dec 27, 2005 8:21 pm
N.B. This is self indulgent...nobody who I try to tell about this in person understands (or lets me finish), so I'm putting it here.

1/15/79 Second Set

Miracle>Shakedown - amazing transition...find a source that doesn't pause between tracks for the full effect...Jerry tries to pull them into the switch once, but they don't go. He waits and reloads, and they're ready this time. Brings them down, lets folks drop into line. Then builds. Builds builds builds and holds...teeters at the brink. And slams it home. Makes me shiver.

(I could write three times as much about points within Shakedown Street, but I won't)

(ignoring the Donna tune)

Terrapin is great, beautiful lead into Playin. Slow meander through drums and especially the jam (not said in a bad way, merely descriptive). Some crazy sounds in here. Especially while coming back into Playin.

They hit Playing like it's their final lap. Reserve energy from somewhere. It's joyful and victorious, like they know they just knocked off one hell of a show, and all they have to do is bring it home. And if Playin reprise is the last lap, then Casey Jones is the victory lap. No break between the two, just Jerry leading them in, Brent following happily with the others. It sounds funny to say, but you can hear them smile while they sing it. Until the end when the song just takes them along for the ride. They're not even in control anymore, just holding on for dear life.

JBG tossed in for Chuck Berry's birthday and to send the folks home reenergized after their 3 hour catharsis.
 #2829  by kcjones113
 Sun Jan 08, 2006 9:25 pm
Out of all of the discussions on this topic i have seen nobody has once metioned 7-8-78. Very solid first set and an unbelievable second. Estimated>Other One>Eyes>Drums>Wharf Rat>Franklin's>Sugar Mags!!! How can you beat it!! Not to mention the encore has Terrapin and imho the best werewolves ever played by anybody. This show also has Bobby's guitar the highest I've ever heard it in the mix. If you haven't... you gotta check it out.

 #2831  by sammy
 Sun Jan 08, 2006 11:20 pm
Stagger_LEE_of_terrapin wrote:I really like early 70s stuff. Try 4-29-71 last alligator. The entire port chester run from feb 70 is also great. U can stream infinite amounts of Dead SOngs from incase u didnt no


thats one of my favs, the goin down the road is unbelievable.

my favorite would have to be either 1966-05-19 or 1972-05-11

 #2833  by tigerstrat
 Mon Jan 09, 2006 12:19 am
just going to throw down the first three that pop into my head of out of hundreds of favorites...

2/15/69- on a par with 2/27 for the best show of the primal peak period

6/27/83- this particular Space> Other One is just too much, it's terrifyingly terrific- plus its loaded with lots of other well-played goods such as the S>F. I need to hear it... loudly.

6/24/73- a little-known 1-disc wonder of Dark Star> Eyes> Stella that I just love to death. Tops my list of favorite versions of this classic song grouping from the 1-drummer era.