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 #430  by the11
 Sat Jul 03, 2004 11:30 pm
any colorado players around perferable fort collins area. we got 3 members but need some experience to push us and motivate us so if anyone wants to strum a guitar or beat a drum or pluck a bass or any other pretty sound let me know, private message me or something

oh yea we play mostly dead, did that need to be mentioned??
 #448  by Laytonco
 Fri Jul 09, 2004 7:09 am
Man, I wish I was closer. Been playing guitar for 29 years, 15 years playing almost exclusively dead. Have a small studio in my basement with Ibanez, Gibson SG, FenderCybertwin, Kustom PA, pedals, etc. BUT I'M IN PARKER AND HAVE NOONE TO PLAY WITH. ARGH!