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 #112817  by Pete B.
 Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:34 am
I'm home sick with some head/chest crud thing.
I could do a good Dylan vocal impersonation today.

For Your Listening Pleasure!... [a coupla my faves for quality of Dylan vocal performace]:
Everything Is Broken - (almost a John Fogerty vibe)

It's Unbelievable - ( a little more Carl Perkins-ee???)

And, of course...
Silvio - (weren't The Dead the band for this one?) ... n-28299545
"Find out somethin' only Dead Men know... "
Every one of these songs puts a smile on my face within about 15 sec... :hail:

O.K. I'll throw in a Dylan and The Dead number...
You Gotta Serve Somebody ... dy-lyrics/