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 #322  by jaycat
 Wed Jun 09, 2004 4:43 pm
hey kids,
does anyone know the chords to "pain in my heart" by wilson pickett?
pig used to do it back in the early daze. i would love to learn it. it's on a troupers hall date in 66, i forget the month, but it's a sweet tune. or 'hey little one" jerry sings that at the same show. i 'm not sure who wrote that one. anyway, any hints would be great. see you on lot this summer....
 #525  by violanojblues
 Mon Jul 19, 2004 10:40 am
Jaycat brings up a great point. I can't find Pain in My Heart tabs anywhere online. (Stay away from the Babes in Toyland, it's nothing like Otis'.) I did, however, find the lyrics and am not very good and coming up with the chord progressions, though I'll try. I'm sure if I can get something started "ebick" (Who is The Man) could take it from where ever I leave it, if he has time.
I love those obscure songs like Betty and Dupree played 12-1-66. The more obscure, the more appealing for some reason. Hey Little One is a shining example. My version sounds as muddy as a monster truck w/o a muffler, so I find it diffucult to hear the lyrics. Maybe we should have a separate folder or forum for obscurities. Even if all we have is the lyrics, it's a start.
If anyone has this valuable info or a place to start please don't hold out on us.
 #619  by dangdang
 Sun Aug 08, 2004 7:04 pm
The Stones did a "pain in my heart....treated me cold (or something like that)". Same one? Help you at all?
 #620  by dangdang
 Sun Aug 08, 2004 7:08 pm
Pain in my heart
Treatin' me poor
Where can my baby be?
Lord, no one knows

Pain in my heart
Won't let me sleep

Where can my baby be
Lord, where is she?

And one day
My days are gettin' tough
Won't you come back, come back, come back, baby

Pain in my heart
Won't let me be
Oh, oh, oh, oh, I wake up restless night in misery

Won't somebody stop this pain

Lord, one day
My days are gettin' tough
Won't you love me, love me, love me, baby

Pain in my heart
Pain in my heart
Somebody stop this
Pain in my heart
It's killin' me baby
This pain in my heart
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Pain in my heart
This pain in my heart