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 #84451  by JonnyBoy
 Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:50 pm
Yhea he never understood that he was 15 feet in the air above us on stage and from that perspective his balls were always showing. especially during one of his "Bobby Strides" during his jams when he kicks his legs out. The hi waters are a good change, but strange too...
 #84474  by USBLUES
 Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:26 am
We've come to expect so much from these guys that an isolated slip like this gets so much attention, and i have to admit that i am one ofthe most interested. But you have to realize that this is, i think, the first instance like this in a long long time. Hell I like the fact that there's a little grime and grit left in them, and this show was not "Just Exactley Perfect". I'm just happy he's not sick and an not hurt and going to play more. This is the Grateful Goddam Dead not the Tabernackle Quier, long live Rock and Roll & suspect mystery treats :cool:
 #84511  by krzykat
 Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:21 pm
jeffm725 wrote:While I have read all the threads that say he was unwittingly Dosed, he doesnt seem dosed to me. He may have had something unwittingly put in his drink, but I dont think it was L. He is staggering too much. L will do a lot of things but it doesn't make you stumble and stagger and lose balance like that.

It could have been anything, but I don't think it is from being ill/sick. Some kind of substance is causing that behavior, just will never know what. Many types of designer drugs could cause that, not to mention downers, narcotic type substances, as well as alcohol.

He was playing guitar sssslllloww, and stumbling, which is why I discount the L dosing. If it was the 70's still I would say it almost looke like a 'lude jag, but we will never know what it was (and maybe HE doesnt even know; if he was truly spiked) and we will never know whether is was self-inflicted or spiked (and if it was spiked whoever did it should be shot, I hate the game of dosing people unknowingly. Taking that kind of stuff is personal choice and should never be forced on someone. It is NOT funny).

Phil was kind in trying to protect his brother, but of course Phil was going to say it was unwitting. Even if Bobby got that polluted by his own hand, they are not going to say that is what happened.
really? how long has it been since you indulged? i sure stumble and lack balance if i do
 #84512  by tcsned
 Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:47 am
It's pure speculation, not that I don't ever engage in it and think it's certainly a topic worthy of speculation. We all react differently to these substances and can have the effect of speeding up, slowing down, or otherwise altering our perception of tempo and tonality. I've had some pretty crazy experiences some turned out musically ok others did not. I try to have a policy of not doing something like that in front of a paying audience as they deserve more for their money than a crapshoot. Free parties on the other hand . . . all bets are off. :D

If Bobby did this to himself, hopefully the lesson will prevent it from happening again in the near future (of course, as memory fades we tend to forget these lessons and need a refresher). If someone did this to him - shame, shame, shame. You should never give something to someone unwittingly. The person owes a lot of people who paid good money to get into this show. It is incredibly selfish and stupid - not what this scene should be about.

I went to a couple hundred GD shows from 82-93 some were awful, some ok, many were great. I'd give them a pass on a singular incident. If it becomes a pattern I would quit buying tickets as I did in 93 when the music no longer met my standards for paying $50 and driving a couple hundred miles.
 #84565  by krzykat
 Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:29 pm
supposedly he picked up someone else's drink by accident. I don't think that at this stage Bobby would purposefully go on stage in an altered state, the boys stopped doing that after the acid tests (for the most part)
 #84644  by chummy
 Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:55 pm
I have seen my share of disasters too. In the mid eighties (83-84) Jerry was a mess many times. Bob always stepped up and carried the gig home! I think he has his demons and maybe he got off course for a night. I consider it a rare night that he goes to the dark side. I would have loved to see how he pulled it together. I think he deserves a pass.