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 #71687  by mttourpro
 Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:03 am
Thought folks might be interested....

December 27, 2009
Furthurmore Stealth Show
Mill Valley Masonic Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Shakedown Street
Jack Straw
Eyes Of The World>
Cosmic Charlie, The Wheel>
Here Come Sunshine>
Uncle John's Band
Born Cross-Eyed>
Candyman> Truckin'
Donor Rap

December 28, 2009
Furthurmore Stealth Show
Mill Valley Masonic Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Playing In The Band> Bertha
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodleloo>
Promised Land
That's It For The Other One
Unbroken Chain, Let It Grow
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion>
Viola Lee Blues
E: Deep Elem Blues

January 3, 2010
"Live Rehearsal Sessions"
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA

On The Road Again, Stagger Lee (jk), King Bee (bw)
Hurricane (jk), Women Are Smarter
They Love Each Other (jk), Maggies Farm
Stella Blue (jk)> Throwing Stones>
Brokedown Palace (bw), Loser (jk), Donor Rap

January 4, 2010 (8:20 - 9:55 PM)
"Live Rehearsal Sessions"
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA

Sittin' On Top Of The World (JK)
It Must Have Been The Roses (JK)
Corrina (BW), No More Do I (JK)>
Loser (JK), Liberty (BW), Senor (BW)
Foolish Heart (JK), Hell In a Bucket (BW)
E: Touch of Grey (JK), Donor Rap

Tue. 1-5-10
Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley, CA

8:00pm – 9:40pm

I Need a Miracle > (BW)
Get Back > (JK)
Greatest Story Ever Told (BW)
Mason’s Children (BW,PL)
Magnolia Mountain (JK)
Comes a Time (JK)
Unbroken Chain (PL)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (BW)
Reuben & Cherise > Jam (JK)
Ship of Fools (JK)

Donor Rap (PL)
Enc: Turn On Your Lovelight (BW)

1-6 What's posted)

alabama getaway
don't ease me in
till the morning comes
picasso moon
new potato caboose
looks like rain
welcome to the dance
dear mr. fantasy
china doll
new speedway boogie
west l.a. fadeaway
walking blues


cumberland (bw,pl)
doing that rag (jk)
t jed (bw)
wheel (all)
no more do i (jk)
he's gone (bw)
built to last (jk)
peaceful valley (jk)
too jam
dew (jk)
satisfaction (bw)

donor rap
e2: bid you goodnight

Friday, Jan. 8th, 2010

7:40pm - 9:05pm

In The Midnight Hour (bw)
Just a Little Light (jk)
Around and Around (bw)
Dupree's Diamond Blues (jk)
(Phil leaves the stage, Bob Weir Duck Joke that he forgot the punch line to...concluded w/ "Jerry taught me that")
Come Together > (bw)
Days Between (bw)
Queen Jane Approximately (bw)
No More Do I (jk)
Enc: US Blues (bw)

Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA

Set I
Next Time You See Me
Pride Of Cucomonga
Money For Gasoline
Death Dont Have No Mercy
Magnolia Mountain
Uncle John's Band
Good Lovin'

Set II
Dark Star >
Jam >
Let it Grow>
Dark Star

January 10, 2010
"Live Rehearsal Sessions"
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA

Here Comes Sunshine
Jack Straw
Til The Morning Comes
The Wheel> Althea
Throwing Stones

St. Stephen>
The Eleven> Drumz
King Solomons Marbles
Unbroken Chain
Wharf Rat
Touch of Grey
Donor Rap


El Paso
No More Do I (JK)
Peaceful Valley (JK)
Mountains of the Moon (PL)
Just a little light
Caution (bw)
Help on the way>

Enc: Franklins Tower (PL)


hard to handle
ashes & glass
welcome to the dance
sugar magnolia
nobody girl
china doll
bird song
the other one
lady with a fan
terrapin station
 #71778  by High Peaks
 Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:33 pm
keirweir wrote:It took 15 years but the next thing is here. My opinion only


This is the best sounding lineup(IMO) to date, post 95 of course. The band sounds great, Bobby is playing like Dead Bobby again( not lounge lizard Bobby) and they're letting JK shine on more and more songs.
I am actually looking forward to go to some shows for the music this year, not just to see old friends.
 #71825  by keirweir
 Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:43 am
I have always been a JackStraw guy. If you listen to Jack Straw from new years? (maybe the night before) They click like the old days and Phil staarts laying bombs... The energy is there no doubt.
 #71849  by Pete B.
 Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:23 pm
'Just came home to find my Portland, Oregon "Furthur" tix on the step.
2010 is looking good for the the Jam Band factor in Portland.
Jan-April include Fareed, MoonAlice, Further, DSO... not to mention our own local gigs and jams.
 #71852  by waldo041
 Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:36 pm
got my 2 shows for chi-town today also! :cool: