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 #103885  by mgbills
 Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:55 pm
Wow. Finally recoving from 3 glorious days in sunny Eugene.

Here comes the opinion piece...and it's kinda scary.

Furthur. Not another GD iteration. Awesome. I've been trapesing about with the Boys for 30 years (153 GD Shows, 50+ DSO, Others), and I will miss Jerry till I tip over. But for me, the last time they had this kind of energy was The Other Ones with Joan Osbourne. They are not afraid of change, nor are they afraid to rehearse.

Recent shows (The Dead). The Gorge, 2009. After not being able to understand Warren Haynes as a choice the prior year, Warren shows up to the Gorge, as the only member who doesn't look bitter...and the only member who seemed to have all. Very off night. End of tour. Almost didn't go back in 2010. Amost no Heads about. Very wierd scene. Little dancing. Many Seattlites with picnic baskets. Nothing wrong with that...just wierd. Bob spends the whole night adjusting his rig.

2010 Marymoor, SEA. John K. joins, and a great rainy night is had by all. John maybe kept on a short-ish leash. Background singers over-mic'd, and Wheel sounds like it should be being played in a Mega-Church. Good vibe. Great crowd. Good time. Bob spends 1/3 of the night adjusting his rig.

2011 Eugene, OR - John K. gets full honors, and joins the Big Show. Whoa. The first two nights had just enough Jerry to keep my heart warm. John in full bloom...showing us he's much more than a Jerry knock -off. Big, bluesy, Clapton-esque tones (H&K Bluesmaster?). Tight leads take us to Space, Jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll, winding right back to our favorite GD versus. Crazy good. Very interesting musically.
Bob changes guitars twice, and messes with his rig less than two times/night, and only for moments. More jamming within numbers (new) vs. jamming to find the next number (old). Truthfully...I love both.

Congratulations John. You made many people dance & smile. You made Phil smile often & sincerely. Phil singing as good as I've ever heard. Bobby up in mix, playing great, singing & "Barking" awesomely...really putting it out. Great sharing of vocals. Chimenti...blisteringly Awesome. Everybody working with Russo. Russo exiliarating.

I'd love to hear opionions.
 #103953  by amyjared
 Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:57 pm
Can't believe nobody commented on this. Ok, I'll chime in:

Pretty much on the mark. I did Dead tour for years, 300+ shows, and have seen at least one of every incarnation since Jer passed. Most left me wanting, to say the least. The only difference I have is that Warren single handedly pulled the Allman's back from obscurity and he was determined to do the same for the boys. He can do solo acoustic, run his own band, lead the Dead, etc. I have friends who were leaving at NYE a couple ago who swear he pulled everything together and saved the night. I saw the lame Gorge show a few years back and his Into the Mystic was a rare highlight along with his inspired lead work.

That being said, the boys are finally firing on all cylinders again! Back up singers to keep them in key, a drummer who does the work of two people, a keyboardist who is every bit as good as anyone who has sat in the seat before, a lead guitarist who sounds like he hasn't smoked 5000 cigs and 2000 foils and (FINALLY!!) a setlist that isn't by the book. It's exactly what I was looking for! I only wish you would have found PeteB, Gratefulfred, NWPines, and I! Peace out!