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 #93642  by Grateful.Ed
 Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:41 pm
strumminsix wrote:Ed, in my experience a monitor behind me sounded fucked up to my years.
I've gotta try it for I mentioned from the get go, I assumed an FRFR wasn't what I thought I'd want and I'd go modeller/SS power/cab....only one way to know for sure.

There are worse ways to spend some time :-)
 #93649  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:34 pm
Grateful.Ed wrote:
JonnyBoy wrote:Go try a Fender G-dec 30

The bars and clubs I play at I don't need 4 QSC k12's baring my guitar for stage fill, a lot of times the amp itself and a tad of mic'd guitar into the mains is enough for me. Otherwise the twin and mac get the calling for louder things. I have to admit, I have not be able to get the Gdec to sound good loud as hell in a FRFR system.
I've read lots of good stuff on the GDEC...does it have a line out or the earphone jack like the mustang?

I got to mess with a Vox Tone Lab for a little while and thought it did bothe Vox's AND Fender's pretty good.

Yes it has a DI out stereo on the back in the GDEC 30 and it has a stereo phone out 1/8". There are cab simulators, or "timbres" as the call it, you can change in the amp, about 6 of them. It is very possible to make patches for DI out, then patches for the amp's speaker. I haven't taken the time yet to do it. As for comparison to the mustang, it is a bit more sophisticated than that amp, although similar platform. I think it gets discounted due to the price and advertised application, but they can do a lot including easy digital recording to a PC. The one thing I wish they could do is read other IR files from other products, like an Axe Fx. Fender mentioned some where that they can keep updating the software and different updates will allow for newer files and options as they write them. Hook your am up to your computer and it updates the amps software. kinda cool, I am hoping they will develop more options, I emailed the Gdec coordinator a software wish list when I bought it.... hopefully they will read it :lol: .