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 #90349  by Pete B.
 Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:02 am
Kennay wrote:
Pete B. wrote: Just curious...
Why don't you just buy a MuTron III ???
I might do that. I`m just hesitant to spend $500 if I can get the same sound for half that. I have a Q-tron +. I can get it close and it sounds pretty good. But it`s still a bit different to my ear.
I went a few rounds on this issue myself, and had my best non MuTron luck with the Emma, but in the end, the show-stopper for me was, Jerry used a MuTron III unwaveringly from the day he got it to the end. Every time I saw Jerry he had a MuIII... it was really starting to bug me.

I used to think they were hard to find, too expensive, some say "a hassle to work with" or "every one sounds different", but I finally said fuck it and bought a pristine looking and seemingly sounding orignal one that I happened upon in a music store in Seaside, Oregon one day.
I then bought a pristine looking one off Ebay that was sold As-Is "Does Not Work". It arrived and did not work but looked brand new. I have since sent a few Mu pedals to and they come back working "as originally advertised" to my ear.
I now have one un modded original (with a new power supply), and one that has had component rehab, True-Bypass, Remove Gain stage from effect-off position, effect-on led(blue).
Needless to say, I happily have about a Grand tied up in MuIII's alone. :cool:
Just watch Ebay for one that calls out to you!
I put it all on a credit card!!!
 #90352  by mijknahs
 Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:46 am
So true about Garcia's mutron sound. I love the way it worked around 84. The mutron on the Dupree's from the Greek (7-13-84) is amazing.
 #90666  by JamminJommy
 Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:46 pm
JonnyBoy wrote:Yes Jim, the Enigma is quite a Filter processor, one of the most versatile too. The EHX family has a myriad of different options, from a cheap nano to a high dollar Bi filter. I have found a little compression/limiting and EQ helps with getting too high of peaks and too low of valleys, which may or may not be some of the processing done in a lot of these more advanced boxes to rein in the vintage issues. The more you can shape things usually the better, if you stay on track... The trick is not to color the tone too much, Jerry ran things pretty simply.
I rock a micro Q-tron on my rig and run it with a Boss super overdrive (vol 90%, Drive 10%, tone 11 o'clock) and it smoothed out some of those peakier transients. This setting works well for some of the early 80s stuff. I can't quite afford one of the nicer trons yet, but I've fooled around with them. If anything, there is so much play and communication between all the controls on the EHX stuff that you can sit there for hours and make tiny adjustments and see relatively dramatic changes. Also, subtle changes in picking can really make a difference. Its really fun to mess around with the thing just because there's so much breadth to what you can dial in.


 #90667  by mijknahs
 Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:12 pm
My main problem with the original Q-Tron is that the setting I like is too loud when I switch it on. There is a "normal" and "boost" switch and one of those I think works the best (forgot which one) but when I swithc over to the effect, the volume is too loud compared with the clean volume. I've tried adjusting the internal trim pot too and it's not enough. Maybe I'll take it to Richard at lsound for him to tweak.

 #90671  by waldo041
 Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:31 pm
your good with the soldering iron jim, just add an internal trimpot or external pot for a master volume. you would desolder the output from the output jack and splice in the potentiometer inbetween it and the out jack. 25k log should do the trick.