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Chat about Equipment Info
 #88861  by modz
 Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:43 pm
So I got into a long debate with a fellow band member after he saw DSO in St. Louis this weekend and he brought up how he thought the Dead was the most compressed band in the world. I told him that I understood that Dan used no compression at all but instead used a peak limiter. He seemed to think it was the same monster but it's not. I also understand that Healy used little or no EQ and if he did it was always to cut and never gain and all HPF's are engaged on the board at around 100HZ. I'm really into the Healy mix, Brad S and I talk about it all of the time. We have done a bunch of live mixing together and I did sound for his old band Blue Dixie a bunch. Does anyone have any Healy facts for sound?
I would think FOR SURE that Jerome had a limiter at the board. I'm really wondering about the phil sound, it was so big and controlled. I talked with Mike Gordon after he sat in with my band about the Phil sound for a while. I really think that mikes house tone could be more tight as he is a great player. It seems pretty elusive for most sound guys or maybe they think it's only the bass:) I think bass and drums is where you get most of the mud and confusion in a mix. I will work on the drums for a while and then vocals (to keep the old "I can't hear the vocals" patrons of my back:) and then bass and the rest will fall in place. Wondering what limiters the dead used? The 60 HZ pedal at the board?
Anyone hip with any of this stuff.
 #88862  by jeffm725
 Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:16 pm
You would think with Brad doing gear upgrades for Mattson and with Healy mixing select DSO shows/tours, that at some point in the near future maybe someone with DSO could arrange a chat with Healy for you? I think straight from the horses mouth would be best (obviously) in this case, and I don't think Healy has anything to hide or secrets about his mixing preferences anymore and might be happy to pass some info along to someone who understands what he is talking about, and it sounds like you have a handle on this.

Other than healy, I bet Rob Eaton could totally point you in the right direction as he is a mixing whiz himself and I am sure he has asked healy the same things.
 #88884  by modz
 Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:40 am
I have had chats with Dan on numerous occasions even at GRATEFUL Dead shows:) I found him to be pretty open and approachable. I talked to him for a while at the Family reunion Alpine Valley show (Terrapin Station) I think that was it??? I know it was an Alpine show. I have so many questions and I don't want to bombard him. Brad wrote me a great summary of his meeting and things they discussed. Maybe he will agree to post it?? I talked cabinet design and crossover design with him a lot. He did tell me that EQ'ing adds phasing problems and if you have the right speaker, horn and crossover combination you have a good chance of creating a nice sound.
I played with Dino and Rob from DSO for many years in other bands, Dino and I are still tight and we still hit together so I will steal as much info as I can from him about Dan and especially Rob Eaton who is a very talented engineer.