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 #86616  by playingdead
 Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:59 am
This is just too goddamn strange, I never noticed it before, but a friend pointed out to me that during the Not Fade Away jam with John Cipollina and Matthew Kelley on the Closing of Winterland DVD, at one point Donna disappears from stage, then reappears holding an ear of corn, which she starts eating on stage.



If you can read a QT movie file:
 #86620  by jeffm725
 Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:23 am
HAHA...Funny stuff.......

Seriously she was probably pretty hungry as that is most likely around 4-5 in the morning when they are playing NFA. The show opened with a showing of the full movie Animal House, plus then the Blues Brothers and THEN NRPS before the Dead even hit stage.

She was probably spun enough and hungry enough to not even think twice about eating corn on stage due to the other factor of that evening:
to gain access to the stage that night (and this went for Band members, roadies, guests and everyone else) you had to do a couple drops of liquid.