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Chat about Equipment Info
 #85134  by brutusbuck45
 Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:31 am
So, now I am G-DEC 3 owner; I have embraced the digital age : ) No, its not an AxeFX or Eleven Rack unit. But, for the $200 I spent (15 watt model, floor model discount), it is exceptional at what it does. It houses an 8 inch speaker AND a tweeter so that backing tracks can be played directly from the amp or even from a computer via the USB jack and really sound pretty good. Actually, what happens when the G-DEC is connected to the PC is the current sound output device is replaced by the amp and becomes the (temporary) soundcard. Also, the Fender FUSE software allows you to edit or create amp model/effect chain patches. These can be saved on the PC or SD memory (the amp contains an SD slot too!). What is very cool is that any changes made to stock patches are updated, real time on the amp. So you can sit at your desk/console and create patches on the fly without really having to deal with the somewhat clunky digital interface on the amp.

There was a previous thread in the Jerry Tone section that we exchanged a few words on this. What I would like to propose to any fellow G-DEC 3 owners (has to be the 3 model), that maybe we can have a patch/idea exchange. There is a somewhat strong community on the Fender Fuse site for patch exchanges. However, many of the them are high gain/metal models. I am not sure that there would be the same type of interest there for what we discuss here.

If there are any current or future G-DEC'ers interested in this, lets discuss. I have already created few really good Blackface patches... with decent reverb and envelope-like, fixed wah.
 #85172  by JonnyBoy
 Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:32 pm
Man I gotta upgrade!! I am finally done buying gear for my rig, so this is the next venture... I love the new ones.

What would be cool would be to get some patch loops with dead songs to play over!!!!