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 #85015  by playingdead
 Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:59 am
So, my backup Jerrycaster (soon to be retired when my Scott Walker guitar gets here) is having an issue. With no effects turned on, the guitar output with the effects loop switched in is dull compared to the non loop side. It's losing some high end, like the tone pot is rolled back almost all the way.

I tried a different TRS cable, same result. I don't really think the buffer (CB-1) can be at fault, because the non-effected signal goes through the buffer as well. It's not an amp issue, either, as I ran both signals into the same input. And the Tiger guitar was fine through the same patch.

 #85017  by DeadlyHeptet
 Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:22 am
This may sound obvious, but if you are pretty certain it isn't the guitar or amp, go through the signal path one item at a time, interconnects, boxes, etc. I will usually start with cable > amp, make sure that is working, and then introduce one box at a time until something becomes obvious as the culprit. I just have maybe four boxes on a pedalboard, so it's easy. If you have a switcher, you have a lot more troubleshooting to do, but it's all just logic and elimination. Try one item at a time (pedal, connector, switch relay) and then move on to the next until you find out what's up.