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 #79302  by tapestry
 Wed May 05, 2010 6:03 am
Anyone else use this?


I couldnt live without it! It blends your wet and dry tones so well! I love having a dirty overdrive mixed with my sparkling clean tone!
The VB-jr is a fully buffered True Bypass loop with a variable Clean Blend. The VB-jr uses audio grade Burr Brown op-amps to buffer the send and receive signals, allowing improved signal strength over long pedal chains and cable runs, and minimizing “tone sucking” from vintage and mass-produced effects. The Clean Blend control mixes the clean/direct signal with the output of the effects loop.

Just as the Barge Concepts VFB-2 has become a popular platform for custom modifications, its new compact counterpart was designed with the same versatility in mind. New custom options available for the VB-jr will include optically isolated expression control of the Clean Blend circuit, similar to that of the Barge Concepts VFB-x, and switchable phase inversion of the Send signal for compatibility with certain vintage effects.

The watchword of the VFB series is unparalleled versatility. Whether you simply need a signal buffer or true bypass looper, want to add a blend control to your favorite stompbox, the VB-jr is a tool that has a place in every musician’s rig. With its fully buffered signal path, complete isolation of inputs and outputs, and an intuitive single knob control set, the VB-jr is in a class by itself in the occasionally confusing world of buffers and bypass devices.

Application Suggestions:

As a True Bypass loop: Use it to turn on/off multiple pedals at once, keep noisy or tone-sucking pedals out of your signal path, add true bypass to any or all of your pedals without complicated or overpriced modifications.

As a Blend control: Mix your clean tone with that oscillating delay or your heavy fuzz and distortion sounds. Run a chorus or flanger in the loop of the VB-jr to add some swirl to your dirt sounds and modulate your delays. It’s perfect for Bass and Baritone players that want to use conventional guitar effects, but need to dial in some of their clean instrument signal for improved low end response. Also a perfect addition to digital delays and multi-fx units that may have a blend/mix function, but are mixing in a digital/processed version of your clean tone - not your actual direct signal. Use the expression control to change your blend settings on the fly - fade from clean to distorted with your favorite overdrive, wet to dry with your delays and modulation FX, or use a clean boost for violin-like volume swells - all without having to turn a knob or take your hands off the strings.

As a Signal Buffer: The VB-jr uses very low noise, audio grade Burr-Brown internal buffers to insure transparent sound across the entire audible spectrum. With all signals buffered, you have a lower impedance signal driving the pedals both in the loop and after your VB-jr, as well as high impedance inputs to insure that a clear signal passes to the output. All internal signals are actively blended so that there is absolutely no unexpected interaction between your instrument and your effects.

VB-jr Features:
• Compact, aluminum enclosure. Footprint 4.7” x 2.5”.
• 3PDT True Bypass switching.
• Dual color LED indicator for Bypass/Active.
• Low noise, audio grade Burr Brown op-amps.
• Low noise, 1%, metal film resistors used throughout
• High quality mica, film, and tantalum capacitors for unmatched signal fidelity.
• Switchcraft jacks.
• Alpha pots with set-screw knobs.
• Clean interior layout with 4-layer silk-screened and solder-masked circuit boards.
• All jacks mounted on the North end to save board space.
• Industry standard 9V DC power jack (operation supported up to 18V with regulated power supply)
• Top quality 9V battery pre-installed.
• 7 day return policy
• Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
 #79314  by waldo041
 Wed May 05, 2010 6:48 am
great pedal!!!!


not the mystery knob! it was either a monitor or leslie volume control. an input and and an output. as you can see something like this needs 4 jacks. besides if jerry was going to have something like this i am sure it would have just been placed in the rack or better yet in the guitar. also, the mystery knob can be seen by weir when not by jerry or by lesh when not by jerry or weir. it usually follows or is not too far away from the keys/hammond onstage speaker/leslie cabinet.

did i mention this is a great blend pedal!

 #126408  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:55 pm
I was watching the sugaree from rockpalast, and Jerry turned his mystery knob on the top of his effects rack right before his second solo and his mix volume went up and his clipping was dirtier. He stood right in front of his cab to listen to the change in volume right after he made the adjustment.I may have missed the class on mystery box 101 but is that a passive vol control or maybe a clean boost? Sorry I can't get the link from my phone up here... Do we know what it is?