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Chat about Equipment Info
 #101661  by mijknahs
 Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:11 pm
hard truckers co wrote:Just a reminder.....

McIntosh will be at the Dead Gear Expo. They will have certified technicians at the expo available to answer all of your questions on McIntosh products. They are deadheads taboot and know all about the 2300s and using McIntosh power amps with guitar rigs.
Come down to the Dead Gear Expo. August 20th and 21st Mexicali Live - Teaneck, NJ. Dont miss it. Tickets are on sale now at and

See you there
They should do a McIntosh clinic like in old days. Bring down your amp and have them put it on the scope. Tell you how many watts it puts out.

That would be cool to attend if I was in NY/NJ. Not as cool from CA.
 #101672  by tigerstrat
 Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:30 pm
mijknahs wrote:
tigerstrat wrote:
mijknahs wrote: I recommend the new Tung Sol 5881 reissue power tubes.
Hey Jim, I wound up taking this advice by accident! Ran out the door at 6:30pm last night in a mad scramble to get new 6L6 output tubes for my Mark III before my gig tonight. First store: keeps me waiting 10 min while casually BS-ing w/ a customer, THEN at 10min to 7 tells me "oh we are all out" WHAAAT!!!??... scorched asphalt another 2 miles down the road to the next store: they have closed, but the guy lets me in. "We are all out of 6L6 but we have one last pair of Tung-Sol 5881's". Hadn't planned to spend that kind of $ but here I was in a bind. Play tested minimally at garage levels, sound fine I guess... hoping they show me God tonight onstage!
You only needed 2? I guess you have EL34s for the other pair. Let us know how they work tonight. Are you able to re-bias the amp?
There is no other pair, this is a 60w (or 50w w/the 5881's) Mark III from 1985. You'd never suspect it isn't 100w by the way it peels paint off the walls. I've NEVER biased it, have been thinking of trying it, but no time before tonight's gig, but the old output set lasted a long, long time. They still have a little life in them but I've been worrying they would suddenly start to go during a performance- will bring 'em along just in case I got a defective pair.