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 #105912  by Jon S.
 Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:08 am
As we approach 2 years since Brad's last post, any new thoughts/experiences/recommendations?
I have 2 J-casters. The 1st, until last month, was H-S-H w/a pair of Fralin Unbuckers and a Fralin Steel Pole 43 (9.0K & tapped at 6.0K). The second is H-H-H w/a SD and two Super 2's. While I always dug the tones from my Steel Pole 43, I came around to preferring the Super 2 split and so last month replaced it in that guitar with a Super 2 (& BTW, I was surprised to find that the Super 2 split is not just a little bit more powerful-sounding than the Steel Pole 43, it's substantially more so - I wasn't expecting the difference to be as much as it is - in fact, the Super 2 split can almost hold its own, volume-wise, with the two Unbuckers in parallel). And now that both J-casters have middle Super 2's I'm finding my thoughts turning next to my Reverend Avenger and it's middle single coil, hence this bump.

EDIT: Never mind, I see there's an analogous thread ongoing now in the Jerry section w/the info. I'm seeking. :)