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 #66111  by Kennay
 Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:48 am
Yesterday I paid a visit to Jason (aka jonarobb) from the Boston area. He runs a buisness called New York Amp works in Brooklyn. He`s an extremely kind man who knows his shit. And he`s hardcore. Been to over 500 Dead shows and over 300 Jerry Band shows! He was very flexible about getting me in when I was ready and he finished the job that day! He very patiently explained to me what he was doing and why in laymen`s terms so that I (being very new to this) could kind of wrap my head around it.
First he worked on my Vibrolux RI. I wanted better reverb, less noise and a preamp tap out. He swapped out 2 tubes replacing them with a Telefunken and a Philips. He installed a high quality Swithcraft jack in for the preamp out. Basically he backdated the circuit to AA9/64. In other words he Blackfaced it. It`s now a 1964 Vibrolux. It sounds like a dream! No more noise and VERB GLORIOUS VERB galore!
Then he worked on my Alembic Tribute. I had taken it to a repair shop up here to have the pups swapped out in favor of DiMarzio Dual Sounds. It turns out the shop should have known not to do this because of the difference between active and passive pups. They did and it sounded terrible. I had them unswapped by the same shop but now the tone with the knob dimed was brittle, metallic and terrible. It took Jason more time to unscrew the back-plate than to diagnose, explain and correct the problem. Now that sounds like a dream too!
I`d recommend Jason to anybody who needs work done. Like I said, this man knows what he`s doing and will bend over backwards to accomodate you. I called 3 shops up here and they all were like, "Why`d you wanna go and do that?". And their wait times were ridiculous. 3-4 weeks? Jeez! And I will never let another repair shop touch my Tribute again.
Anyway, Thank You Jason! You were a prayer answered and I really enjoyed your company!
 #88836  by mars amp repair
 Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:51 pm
Hello. I know this is an old post, however what needs to be said is of utmost importance regarding Jonarobb aka Jason Ferguson.

Jason is a great amp tech & a wonderful person until he resumes using smack. Jason worked for us here in Denver for 5 months from May 2010 til just recently 10-10. As mentioned, he is very knowledgeable about amps and repairing amps. He was our highest producer.

After about 10-1-10 his behavior & disposition changed quite a bit. Pieces of his past started trickling in from others who had similar experiences with him.

He disappeared from the Denver area on 10-24-10 with a co-worker's van. We were contacted by the roommates he was renting with & apparently he had burglarized them stealing various items. We had also noticed some items missing from our business but had attributed that to some other folks who had access to the items.

His roomies found pawn tickets for all the amps & equipment that was missing from our shop as well as other items that he had pawned that belonged to another music business he was doing repairs for on his own.

We feel sad for Jason as at 43yrs old and numerous occasions of theft & relapses that it's unlikely he'll ever straighten out. After stealing a vehicle & taking it across state lines when they catch up with him, he'll for sure be in prison for many years.

So take this as fair warning, first of all don't deal with junkie's as their first priority is 'the fix' and secondly don't get involved with Jason Ferguson AKA Jonarobb as the monkey is firmly attached to his back & he's only good for about 6 months before it's gets the best of him. Ultimately we are very sad for him, however...BEWARE THE JUNKIE. He has hurt & affected many good intentioned folks here. One can only imagine how many others there are in total for his entire using life.

If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, Please contact the Littleton, Sheridan, Denver, or Jefferson County police in Colorado. They are looking for him. Please feel free to e-mail me directly:
 #88847  by jackr
 Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:51 am
Really? one post wasnt enough? We get it.