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 #52330  by jeffm725
 Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:00 am

I am looking for the scale lengths and amount of frets of Wolf, Tiger, Rosebud and Bolt.

I am looking for definitive information (or as definitive as can be...please dont point me at dozin's site, been is great...but I am looking for a little more depth).

For example I have seen Wolf listed as 25 inch and also 25.5.
What is the actual truth?

Were all 4 of those guitars 24 frets?

Also, what were the neck radius of the different guitars. Were they all the same or did he change the radius from guitar to guitar. Compound Radius or Standard?

Actual neck shape , V shape, D shape, C Shape ?

Medium-jumbo frets across the board I think, right?