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 #52227  by jeffm725
 Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:10 am
So I built a BYOC distortion + a year or so ago. I always though it was a bit too fizzy. When looking for grit I would always reach for my ts-808 clone instead.
Anyway, a few weeks ago on the BYOC board I saw some mods that were supposed to smooth it out a bit.
Notably using asymmetrical clipping with n4001 diodes instead of 914's

Well, I tried it, and it di smooth it out, but maybe a bit too much. As now it seems to have lost too much of its fuzzy grit and unique Dis+ properties. It is acting too much like a semi-clean boost/over drive now.

you be the judge: this money honey below is using the dist + on the solo section. Where is the fuzz now ?!
(Please excuse the MANY clams :shock: ) ... bTljR0E9PQ

I like the smoothness of the pedal now, it isnt as angular, but I want some fuzziness back without giving back some of the smoothness improvements...a different pot value maybe for the drive?
I dunno........
 #52229  by waldo041
 Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:52 am
because the 2 diodes are probably close in tolerances they may not be that much of a clip. what you should try is a 1n4001 in the first diode and a 1n914 in the second this should give you what you are after, and is pretty much how the fulltone fulldrive circuit is. should be the best of both worlds.

another thing to note is the opamp. in the dist + circuit the 741 clips , and i am unsure of the opamp used in your clone, but other opamps may not clip as the 741 does.