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 #50691  by milobender
 Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:54 am
Hello all :smile: ,

I'm planning to build pa speakers shortly, and I'd appreciate any
speaker choice help. We're planning a modular 3 way design, lows/mid/hi
each section in seperate enclosures, with seperate eqs for crossover,
and each section seperatly powered (tri-amped) :D . I've not liked any of
the horns I've heard, so thinking that a silk/fabric dome hi freq
driver might be a bit smoother/more pleasing to the ear.

Right now I'm considering:

12" - Eminence Delta Pros

5 - 6" - either Eminence Alpha 6A,or B&C 6MD38,or maybe (last choice) Galaxy Audio S5C160 5"

Hi Freq - Morel Accoustics MDT-37 or DynaVox TD2801XL (both soft dome)

I have no experience choosing speakers for pa so any thoughts are
greatly appreciated.

(I posted the same question on the Gearheads site)