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 #50027  by jeffm725
 Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:32 am
tigerstrat wrote:Whether or not it was a piezo (it wasn't)... you actually WANT that tone??? So you can sound like 93-95-era Jerry :?: :shock:
I agree that is not Jerrys sweetest by any stretch of the imagination. (I am partial to spring 82 GD and February 80 JGB) as highwater marks for my personal taste.

As an overall tonal pallette, I wouldn't want it, however I think that it is a quite intersting tone for the fingerpicked songs like Lazy River road, or stagger lee or any number of the songs where he tucked the pick away on his stub and did his folkie fingerpicking deal.
There is a string separation and clarity that you almost never hear on an electric guitar, that lends itself perfectly to fingerpicking. But really that is it, that is all that tone is good for.