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 #49225  by caspersvapors
 Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:43 pm
bcresci wrote:
old man down wrote: For some reason, every time you get a bunch of guys jammin', the chords are as basic as it gets.
I think this is the nature of playing with people who you aren't accustomed to playing with, and who's styles somoetimes differ greatly. Sometimes it comes across great, other times not.

I always thought that most people that sat in with the Dead didn't sound good. The one notable exception that comes to mind is Branford. I'm sure there were other good ones too, but there were some train wrecks too.

Anyone ever catch the train wreck of Pete Townshend playing with the dead - may have been a Rockpalast show? He was awful. Bobby's in the back trying to coach him through Wharf Rat and Pete's throwing in his traditional rock power chords.
yea its a 1981 show, theres footage of it on rockpalast. and lol @ you bashing Pete. IMHO that was Jerrys fault. You have PETE FUCKING TOWNSHEND on stage with you, why would you go into Wharf Rat?! Its a slow ass ballad, what could Pete add to that? If youre gonna have Pete sit on stage with you launch into some songs that are gonna rock the house!

 #49236  by astroman99
 Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:15 am
Old Man
Me not read so good, don't really disagree with what you said...
Burtons guitar was too low in the mix, and the commander sez take another James and then hands off the solo to Jer, about 10 seconds later.