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 #133801  by drkstrcrashes
 Sat Nov 02, 2013 5:10 pm
Not sure where this post belongs, so I put it here. Anyways, I was contacting Richard Lingenberg on another matter and he says to me that he has been busy with Mike Beigle helping him to design the new Tru-Tron3x. So I googled it and turns out that yes, sure enough they are designing (re-designing?) their envelope filter. I've listened to all of the sound clips. Is this an actual improvement? Or is this similar to the analog delay landslide that happened a few years back when everybody and their cousin was putting out the greatest new analog delay because it did some extra trick never before heard or able to be done with a pedal.
who wants to try to see who can get closest to the price of this "re-designed" classic? Call me a cynic, but like all the muscle cars they have been putting out and re-issues of all the "official 1958 Les pauls/official strat-o-casters" I just don't think that the best can ever be improved on.
I'll say $750. ... 81%29s.jpg
 #133802  by waldo041
 Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:12 pm
hey ruck,

do a search here and you will find this has already been discussed, and demo'd.