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 #114270  by Pete B.
 Thu May 24, 2012 5:08 pm
So I picked up a Vintage MXR Envelope Filter pedal...
Wow. I was surprised how Jerry'd out this pedal sounds.
Very easy to control with regard to the right hand technique factor.
I really like the way the Attack knob works to control the speed of the filter sweep from bass to treble once the note is picked.
The other knob sets the max treble.
That's all there is too it.
It sounds alot like my Mu_III's.
'Haven't tested it outside of my "Living Room Station" yet.
The Mu beats it out on the opening note of Estimated (Lower range sensitivity I guess), but it does a good Stranger when paired with a Boss OC-2.
Very Blurp-ee throughout a good range of yer typical Jerry schtick while single-note soloing.
Shakedown Intro and Bridge chords sound great.
Rubin & Cherise sounds just about right.
So far all tests done with Tiger Modded Strat with UGB/OBEL.