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Chat about Equipment Info
 #111676  by jeffm725
 Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:44 am
mijknahs wrote:I play better when I'm happy with my tone. Having a good tone makes me want to play more than having crappy tone. Chasing the elusive "tone" should be FUN and should not over-shadow your playing. I am so glad that I've gotten turned on to the things that help get good tone.

But since your playing/technique is also a part of "good tone" you got to concentrate on your playing just as much as your equipment.
This is about my feeling too.It is rational and accurate.
But I will go so far as to weight it a lot heavier that just being "part of good tone"The fact of the matter is that technique will get you 95% of the way there. Gear is the final 5%. But if chasing the tone through gear is what makes you happy, by all means do it! But it is not the be all/end all to getting there. It is the icing on the cake. My opinion only.

can you honestly tell me Jerry doesn't sound like 95% Jerry and Bobby 95% Bobby in the following video? Jerry is playing a borrowed Yamaha electric (not sure what amp) and Bobby is playing a Tele with a a Peavey Combo amp! Jerry is a little grittier than normal, but it is unequivocally Jerry and in my mind it is Good tone. Is it as good as his whole usual rig? No. Where it falls short is the clear low end pop he gets on his normal rig. But I would venture to say that most everyone would be ecstatic to just be able to sound like this! And that goes for the Bobby players fact Bobby sounds closer to his normal tone than Jerry does.
(fast forward to the electric portion of the set)