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 #105222  by hawk900
 Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:57 pm
I've sampled six different internal/external guitar preampsincluding thee best by far is waldo's TPC1. One from alembic,one ggg,two from Cae sounds but nothing sounds more amazing than the waldo's TPC1 from waldelectronic's. My guitar has been stripped and going to be completely rewired apon arrival of waldo's beauty. Ordered the masterpiece on Oct 28th so I assume it should be here anyday. More exciting for Christmas for me. I already started the shileding process. Check the Jerry inspired guitars section with in a week or two for my updated and final version of my SG.
Stratoblaster they sell nowadays with a 50k reverse log pot. Instead of another knob to fiddle with I would like to just solder a resitor in it's place to produce only a 6db gain min and a 10db gain max. 6db's preferrably like jer's. Does anyone know what value resistor I could solder in it's place to produce only 6db's gain? I'm selling to a bud who plays country but doesn't like the gain knob. He has quite the setup with a pretty large amount of cable travel.
Anyhelp would be appreciated thanks.
I also have a jangletone uniy gain buffer and a cb-1 from cae sound,ggg stratoblaster plus the alembic one that comes with brass stratocaster guitar jack housing for sale. Just pm me. All priced to move just waiting for my TPC1 beauty that smokes em all.
 #105226  by hawk900
 Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:37 pm
Duhhhhh. Call me a dummy about the stratoblaster but as I'm slowly thinking about it. The general guitar stratoblaser is 9v powered and the reverse log pot attatched to it is labelled as gain boost and adds more distortion as you go up. It's not part of the central curcuit. It's a branch off the line. Unlike a volume control at 0 there still would be a signal. Plus it has an on/off switch too. In theory the strato would still be pushing a solid signal through just with no more gain in which they claim adds great distortion. Correct me if I'm wrong. Plus clue me in if the above theory is true and if you know the base db level would great.
 #105269  by waldo041
 Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:40 pm
unfortunately your TPC1 is at the mercy of customs. it was mailed over a week ago.

as for your blaster question. the base gain is around 3 Db's up to 14Db's.

check out my responses inthis thread.


 #105365  by hawk900
 Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:09 pm
Got it yesterday same day as my Mc2100 arrived. Christmas is now officially Nov16th. for me anyway.
You rock waldo. Thanks for the coolest dead gear site and best I've ever heard guitar pre-amp.
Sent ya a pm.
Thanks again,