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 #102764  by Scott Bardolf
 Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:11 am
Hey Eric, this is Scott from Half Step, i do the rhythm parts. That little Weather Report jam you mentioned was the best I played it all day. When we did it during the show I did it w/o the Pigtronix and I really should have, glad you dug it. Took me 20 yrs. to finally attempt that one!

@Vwjodyme: It was in a bar that had a nice size floor, the day i was there on Sunday the demo rigs to play were on the stage with the exception of the Pigtronix area which you could demo right on the floor. Great event, will be bigger and better next year in San Francisco.
 #102767  by eric
 Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:57 am
It was at a place called Mexacali Live in NJ, just outside NYC. Nice neighborhood, area. The place is more bar/club feeling. Not all that big and really dark inside. They def get some real talent in there band wise -Kimock, Porter, Seals, etc It's legit.

There were a few different small areas with gear. Hard Truckers had a booth with cabs, Resurrection had a ton of sweet guitars, The Louis Rig was up on stage surrounded by a bunch of different guitars including a Cripe I believe.The guy from HS looked like a kid in a candy store up there. And man, he can play. The combination of him playing through that setup was mind blowing. To be able to hear that rig in real life, in that setting, was great. Modded twin>MAC>HT w/ JBL's ==="THE TONE". You could see the JBL's moving in and out, getting pushed properly. I was in awe. The guy prob thought I was a total creep for staring at him playing!!!! haha

Moriarty had stunning work displayed , Pollock Tie Dye's on the walls , Mac had a stereo setup that was sick, Pigtronix had a demo setup with all of their pedals out and running, cranked through a DR, and he even took the time to go through every pedal and let us check em out....some other smaller stuff too. Setup in a U to the stage.

It was only the first Expo , so it was a fairly small event. Knowing all the hard work that went into this thing, I could totally see it becoming an extremely successful event in the next few years. Perhaps a yearly Mecca for guys like us. Our own NAMM. I would personally like to see this event integrated with the Gathering of the Vibes in CT. You'd already have a ton of guys there and perhaps a much bigger audience...And imagine if some of the musicians from that event were also involved!! I'm def looking forward to next year, wherever it may be.