So, I think the easiest thing to do will be this:

The Rex Foundation is currently doing a fund raiser called "A call for change" to raise $50,000 over the next five months. For those of you with a credit card, and an email account, you can use the Rex Foundation's PayPal account to make an online payment:

There is a link on that site to make an online donation (minimum $5.00). You can choose where you want your money to go to: healthy environment, individuality in the arts, social & economic justice, preservation of indigenous cultures, strong community and the education of children and adults. You do this by placing one of those in the "payment for" section.

For those that make a $5.00 donation, I will send you 2 picks. For those that make a $10.00 donation, I will send you 5 picks. For those that make a $20.00 donation, I will send you 10 picks. You can have your choice of Heavy or Medium, I have placed an initial order of 250 picks mixed between heavy and medium. I will fill the orders first Come First Served.

So, to make this work, do the following:

1> go to the Rex Foundation and make a $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 donation to the Rex Community Caravan

2> Let the Rex know where you want the $$ to go to.

3> fill out the shipping information on paypal (only billing if this is the same place). I will only ship picks to the address listed on Pay Pal.

4> Once you receive an email confirmation from Rex, email that receipt to and I will ship the appropriate number of picks to the shipping Info listed on the receipt.

5> PS - I have already placed an order with the Rex so I can gift some picks to people. The receipt lists no information like credit card, only the payment details, and shipping info. I will not do anything with this information except to know where to send the picks and how many picks to send, and possibly to let the rex foundation know where you all came from.

6> I believe your donation will be tax deductable with them...