request: last train from poor valley

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request: last train from poor valley

Postby ded1hed » Wed Nov 02, 2005 4:52 pm


i was trying to figure this song out and being lazy thougt i would see if anyone here could help me out.

i have jerry doing "last train from poor valley"with legion of mary 5-21-75 (on

would appreciate any help with either the jerry version or with norman blakes original (preferably jerry) but no matter.

thanks in advance
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Postby ded1hed » Wed Nov 30, 2005 7:01 pm

well you know what they say,, if you want something done do it yourself. lol
i finally figured the changes out , i knew they werent bad i just kept missing the em change.

anyways here it is for anybody else interested. its a great tune. jerrys version on gdlive is awesome.check it out for timing...its sloow
The chord changes got all scrabbled up when i previewed my post i think ive got the first verse and chorus correctly lined up, listen to the gdlive version and its easy enough to get

Last Train From Poor Valley
Lyrics: Norman Blake
Music: Norman Blake

Played Jerry Garcia with Garcia & Saunders and with Legion Of Mary (sometimes wrongly listed as "Last Train from Corvallis" on setlists and tapes).

a simple intro: e-----------------------
g --2h4-2h4--2h4---4--2--0---0h2----4po2po0----

G . . . . . .. . D
It was good one time
C . . . .. . . .... . G
Everything was mighty fine
G . . . . . . . .. D ..... .. .. G
The coal t.ipple roared day and night
G . .......... . . D
And things they got slow
C . ... . ...... . G
For reasons I don't know
G ...................d......... G
And chill winds they pulled into sight

G . . . . D
The mines they closed down
C . . . . G
Everybody lay around
G . . . D . . . G
There wasn't very much left to do
G . . . . D
'Cept stand in that line
C . . . . G
Get your ration script on time
G . . . D . . G
And woman I could see it killin' you

G.......................D ..... G . .SNBASS G F# E
Now the soft new snow of December
Em . ..... . . C . . . G
Lightly falls my cabin around
G . . ...... . G7 . . . C
Saw the last train from Poor Valley
G . ..... ....... . . D . . .... ..... . G
Bringing brown-haired Becky Richmond bound

It's been comin' on I know
You soon will be gone
Leavin' crossed your mind every day
[Then you said to me]
"Things are bad back home, you see
I guess I'd better be on my way"


I should hate you now
But I never could somehow
A miner's wife you weren't cut out to be
It wasn't what you thought
Just some dreams that you bought
When you left home and ran away with me

Saw the last train from Poor Valley
Bringing brown-haired Becky Richmond bound
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Postby last_fair_deal » Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:50 pm

Amazing song. simple to play but fucking hard as shit to sing it. jerry did a sweet job singin this on.
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Postby frankielee » Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:32 pm

Thanks for your hard work...Great song!
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