Jerrycaster build for under $400

Jerrycaster build for under $400

Postby cstig » Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:59 am

Hey guys just wanted to throw this on here. I was originally aiming for a $300 budget but these things never work out... just wanted to give some other poor folks with limited luthier experience like myself some different options to think about. I went with an old Cort I got at a shop for about a hundred bucks but really anything similar would do. I did spend heavy on a super 2 / sds-1 combo pack on ebay... I think steve vai used the same combo at some point so they sell them in a pack.It was like $180. I got a ugb from gfs of all places for $20 buck and also 3 push/pull pots, a regular pot, ceramic caps, a battery box, and knobs for about 40 bucks. Did break the bank on the pu ring... got from mortiary guitars and they were incredibly helpful eventhough I was buying one of their cheapest items. The rest of my budget went to getting it wired because it was out of my league (luckily the guitar tech at guitar center is afriend and he did a great job). Stil got a little fret leveling to do but the neck feels good after a truss rod adjustment. Wiring is interesting... the ugb takes up a volume dial on a traditional les paul schematic and goes from 0 -20 db... it has a notch at 10 so its easy to keep right around 12, also stuck with the 3 way switch ( will eventualy swith to a 5 way rotary), so it has a volume for 2nd pickup and another combo of the first and third then a master tone, also the second volume pulls out to mix in the sds. The other volume and the tone pull out for splitting the 2 super 2's. Takes a while to master but it was the cheapest way to go and it looks nice and clean. Its not amazing but it was fun bargain shopping and leaarniong how to route and it sounds pretty darn close. Sorry if thinngs got confusing its late. If I can ever figure it out I will post some audio. Thanks for checking it out.
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Re: Jerrycaster build for under $400

Postby JonnyBoy » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:19 am

Nice Work! :smile: gotta love your own home made projects... Finally finished our new site...
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Re: Jerrycaster build for under $400

Postby CoolBreeze » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:43 am

VERY nicely done! And you make a good point- there is no getting around the pickguard costs! Especially Brass. I've pondered making one out of normal pickguard material.

Cool guitar! :peas:
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