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Postby tcsned » Tue May 25, 2010 7:01 am

crazyfingerssotm wrote:musicmoose is gone. Anyone know where it may have gone? I wanted a good resource for bluegrass lessons.

**UPDATE** I guess there are a bunch of videos from them on youtube still.

Right hand technique:
I play on and off with Scott - he has a few bluegrass lessons on YouTube - he's a badass bluegrass player:

Blackberry Blosson (slowed down for us mere mortals)

Alabama Jubilee (this is the tune he won the Winfield National Flatpicking championship with)

Ragtime Annie

Here's a fun jam at Wayne Henderson famous Christmas party Scott's playing with the Kruger Brothers a cool group from Switzerland - the guy on banjo is pretty ridiculous. I didn't play on this tune. We played some Django tunes in this kitchen jam and a couple of Dead tunes - Jens (the banjo player) plays a pretty sick Deal. This is a great party, all kinds of awesome pickers show up every year - Doc Watson makes an appearance every couple of years.
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