Video Instruction

Video Instruction

Postby phpbb » Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:39 pm

Ed's put together another piece here as we keep on rollin out the video. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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Postby phreaker » Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:46 pm

def. keep em coming.
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Postby Benthegoodbum » Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:45 pm

Man I am soooooo stoked that you decided to do this. Fanfu**intabulous!!!
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Postby jck_strw » Fri Jul 28, 2006 7:24 am

That was good. Ed--nice to see who you are.

I like this idea for the site. Very cool. - Tapelist
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Postby amyjared » Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:30 am

Excellent! And thanks for the bonus of the second position. Can you do some Terrapin next??
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Postby shakedown_04092 » Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:23 am

wow, very cool Ed! Great job!
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Postby ebick » Fri Jul 28, 2006 10:32 am

amyjared wrote:Can you do some Terrapin next??

It's comin', that one's a big project.
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Postby weedar » Sun Apr 08, 2007 4:02 am

I find it difficult to see exactly where you're fretting
without having a tab for reference. So, can someone add a tab
for the latter part of the video? :-)
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Postby ronster » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:01 am

Just add 5 to each number (fret) and move it to the lower string above. I always played it in the higher position then moved down after seeing Ed's original tab. If I don't have to play loudly then my acoustic sounds sweeter on the higher frets. Only thing I do diff is play single quarter notes on the B C bass lead into the C#m chord instead of the double eigth notes Ed plays. I've heard Jerry do it both ways.
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Postby weedar » Sun Apr 08, 2007 9:42 am

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