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Postby JamGuy » Sun Dec 08, 2013 6:52 pm


Hey folks… I'm stuck on the last bit of the junction box labeling/toggle orientation. The box itself came out kinda cool for a first pedal attempt… it's certainly not pro but good enough to get the job done in style.

So when looking at the box schematic, I assumed (and yes, I know what that means... :lol: ) that the box view was looking at it from the back with the box bottom off. So that when flipped over and all hooked up, the OBEL jacks would be on the bottom right of the pedal. So then there's the issue of the numbers on the bottom of the toggle not corresponding with the numbers or orientation of the toggle as picture, which says it's a back view. Do I follow the numbers or what? Before I paint the toggle positions I want to make sure that UP & Down are what they say they are… and I would like to have the toggle go up and down, not the left and right… This stuff confuses the heck out of me even though I know it's relatively simple electronics. Thanks!!!
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