Mickey Hart Band new single - Jersey Shore

Mickey Hart Band new single - Jersey Shore

Postby caspersvapors » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:29 am

anybody else hear it? Its on Spotify, just released today. It sounds amazing! I love it. Get on spotify and check it out!
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Re: Mickey Hart Band new single - Jersey Shore

Postby Pete B. » Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:38 am


I hear some slide in there... Sounds like a good groove for Pedal Steel.

When I was a teenager, before I had a drivers licence, my folks often went to Philly in the LTD Wagon to visit the inlaws for the weekend, and left me home.
My Mom used leave the keys to her car (the Granada) on a key rack in the entry way of our home.
I would grab those keys and go pick up my best friend (drummer in our high-school band), and we would go pickup our girlfriends, and head down to Seaside Heights, NJ for a day on the boardwalk.
Ohhh Man... That Sweet Jersey Shore.
This was about the same time they would happily drop us off at the train station to go to MSG to see the Dead, saying... "Have a good time, kids!"
We were in 10th or 11th grade at Cranford High School, NJ.
Sometimes we hitch-hiked down the shore... and back.
Looking back... I'm so glad that nothing dangerous happened (Niether my parents or us kids had any idea, not a care in the world, of the inherent dangers involved).

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