Jer Tone with Fender Mustang/Fuse

Jer Tone with Fender Mustang/Fuse

Postby BJolley » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:30 pm

After debating over amps for some time I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a "scratch & dent" Fender Mustang III for the outstanding price of $214 (including shipping) from American Musical Supply. I've had the amp for 3 days and have yet to locate the alleged scratch or dent giving rise to the discount. It is an amazing amp for the price. 100 watts, 12" Celestion speaker, and on-board effects and amp models. I'm still learning the digital controls but they are fairly user friendly. Though I'm not a metal guy or much of a rocker, Marshall-type modeled presets like "Aussie Rock" encourage smile-worthy AC/DC riffs. Anyway, getting back to Jerry Tone, has anyone out there dialed in a good 80's Jerry Tone through this amp or Fender Fuse software when playing an axe with a split coil Super 2? I assume the 65 Twin model would be the place to start and the user can add tweaks to treb, mid, bass, reverb, gain and other parameters. Or have folks out there found some gold in starting with different model altogether like a '65 Deluxe?
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Re: Jer Tone with Fender Mustang/Fuse

Postby jenkins » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:43 am

I've never used that particular amp but a buddy of mine has one of the new fender digital modeling amps and I was very impressed with it actually.
I was up where he lives and ended up playing a spur of the moment gig using it and a strat and it actually sounded great.
Started with the 65 twin bf added dialed In the tone and the reverb and it sounded great mic'd up through a pa.
His even has a whole slew of effects including envelope filter, did an estimated that sounded awesome on it.

The DSP effects have come a looooong way in the last few years, you won't get a perfect jerry but you can def dial in Jerry on those amps, they're pretty impressive IMO. I thought it was wicked stupid until I actually played one. Lol, shows what I know.
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Re: Jer Tone with Fender Mustang/Fuse

Postby tigger » Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:56 pm

My clean "Jerry" preset needs work (probably impossible to nail given the speaker), but with the envelope filter/octave pedal models engaged, it's pretty sweet!
Perfect bedroom amp.
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Re: Jer Tone with Fender Mustang/Fuse

Postby JonnyBoy » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:07 pm

The blackface setting with treble high, mids about 6 and the bass very low will be a good starting point. Address it like any other amp, but fine tuning takes your ears for sure. I have a gdec 30 but I blew the speaker so don't use it much anymore. I loved mine because of the effects ready to use and the recording capabilities. You can lay down tracks of dead tunes and practice all day. Mine sounded great at bedroom level, but I could never get a good sound gigging though. maybe they solved that issue with the mustang. Finally finished our new site...
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