Roland GR55 thoughts...

Roland GR55 thoughts...

Postby JustinJohn » Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:47 pm

...So I spent a solid couple hours with the new Roland GR55 at Guitar Center in Portland OR and, honestly, I was blown away. Yea, it's got all the obvious Jerry stuff: trumpet, flute, etc... But The coolest part of the unit is the COSM guitar models, in particular the steel string acoustic model - fucking amazing, especially the "feel"... I was astounded how well it translated onto the strings of the strat I was playing. Also the various amp models and lead tones mixed with synth tones and ambient sounds - wow! Jerry would have had a field day with this thing.

I recommend everyone give this thing a whirl and annoy the GC staff for a while, scroll through the bevy of stock tones - and when u get to the acoustic tones spend time in the editor, and mix with the guitar signal tone... It's really quite revolutionary.

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Re: Roland GR55 thoughts...

Postby barefootdave » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:03 am

I am actually playing my first gig with the GR55 tonight, particularly looking forward to Eyes of the World, Dear Prudence, Masterpiece, and we close one of the sets with a Starship Trooper jam (YES) where I can bring up a monstrous pipe organ at the end.

I agree with the COSM amp and guitar model comment, there is a Stones patch that sounds particularly cool. Step on the switch and you have a five string open G tele with just a bit of grit to it. The patch actually mutes the low E, to give you an actual five string tuning. Will be using with the guitar signal turned off (just the midi 5 string) for "Can't You Hear Me Knockin".

First gig since my stroke on July 1st, very excited to get back out there...
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