on board pre amp. newbie question, sorry so long

on board pre amp. newbie question, sorry so long

Postby Rojack01 » Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:28 pm

Hello everybody. I am preparing myself mentally to order a guitar from Matt Moriarty. I've really been trying to do my homework before I call the guy and bug him. I am not going to be able to actually order the guitar till the end of the month and I don't really want to bother him to much till I have the cash in hand. So I will ask you guys what you think. Musically speaking, I don't play in a dead cover band. I don't play a whole lot of dead covers. That being said, Garcia is by far my favorite guitar player, and I do try to emulate him. I play the American song book. The only styles of music I don't play are heavy rock and Hip Hop. I am planning to order a "wolf" relic guitar but with HHS configuration. I want it basically just the way he sells it, but the question that I have is this. What part does the on board pre amp play in his sound? I was thinking that since I don't use long guitar cables I could maybe get a different type of preamp. maybe a midboost. That seems like it would be really useful with the neck pickup, in getting a "woman tone" type of sound. that being said, one of the things that I love about the wolf is the OBEL. Does the preamp that comes with the guitar typically affect the functionality of the effects loop? The Guitar is literally my dream guitar and I intend for it to be a tribute to my parents, without whom, A. (due to them leaving me money) I wouldn't be able to afford it. and B, who told me my entire child hood to believe in myself and practice makes perfect. And isn't that what we are all going for? "Just exactly perfect"
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Re: on board pre amp. newbie question, sorry so long

Postby myoung6923 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:20 am

The unity gain buffer compensates for the length of cables resulting from the OBEL - not for a super long cable running across the stage.

Let's say you are only using a 15' cable... With the OBEL you have the signal going from the guitar, to the effects, back to the guitar and then out to your amp. That's 3 runs of 15' = 45' - not even counting the cabling between effects. So, cable length adds up quick with an OBEL.

That being said... You DO have other choices besides a unity gain buffer. Most guitar preamps change the impedance from high to low - which is what you want. So you can go with a different type of pre-amp and still get the low impedance.
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