Alligator on a Budget - Part II?

Alligator on a Budget - Part II?

Postby brutusbuck45 » Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:52 pm

Thanks to inspiration and some coaching from RiverRat, I have completed my version of Alligator on a Budget. Thanks, man!

With a $100 Squier (Hurray eBay!), lots of sticky stuff (stickers and reflective sign vinyl), and some local music store knobs and things, "Alligator on a Budget II" is pretty much complete. Somewhere down the road I might upgrade the stock pickups with something half-way decent (GFS or the like).

This thing is not even a quarter the master work, aegert on, is constructing. If you haven't seen it- you should.

Well here are a few pics of it. Incidentally, right now, it looks better than it sounds. :lol:

DSC01673 (Large).JPG
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