Aligator was it the neck or the body that mattered most?

Re: Aligator was it the neck or the body that mattered most?

Postby tatittle » Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:01 pm

Hah! Yeah thats why I revised and said a "special" one. Most of em have bellies now which definitely inhibits resonance etc. My Martin got a belly after leaving med. strings on it for many months without playing etc. I will try (and likely fail) to loosen the strings on acoustics I wont play for awhile now. New acoustics sometimes have built in devices to offset the pressure on the top. The room is probably just as big part of the equation as the guitar re: my subjective experience. One of my favorites was a 1968 D18 (Mahogany)...nothing can make me smile over and over again like a good acoustic in a good room though (at least not guitarwise). I also have a reverence for tradition or more specifically old organic stuff, so my perceptions can be clouded by that Im sure.
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