Jerry Tone in Original-Music Projects!

Jerry Tone in Original-Music Projects!

Postby JustinJohn » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:37 pm

I'm curious how many of us out there are using our favorite tone in an original project? (*winks at Mr. Blades*)

I too am going pretty much full Jerry-Tone in my brand new original project I'd really like to share with everyone: Dark Matter Transfer (DMT)

We're a Trio!! Along with my basic Jerry rig (see my sig below), I use a second pedal board and second amp to generate loops and such to add sound and texture to the mix. Firstly, my second pedalboard has a Line6 DL4 for loops, an EH Supergo pedal for weird textures (with a Line6 MM4 and old Boss CE2 in the fx loop), and an aditional delay pedal. My second amp is a Peavy Renown (450w with a JBL e150(15") speaker) - this amp is coming off my Divided by 13 "switchazel" pedal - an ABY pedal that gives me two buffered parallel outputs. The Peavy amp only handles my second pedalboard, and is an otherwise unremarkable amp - very dry and raw sounding (solid state) - but my two amps combined (Twin Reverb & Peavy) actually sound pretty amazing!!

Here's a clip of my band recorded last Friday 3/29/13: ... nd-kontrol

Some pics of my full rig:

Let's hear some of your original music!!
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