Signal path - advanced options - pelase help!

Re: Signal path - advanced options - pelase help!

Postby cmc64 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:30 pm

mkaufman wrote:You need something programmable like a GCX or Ibanez EPP400. Loop Masters are good quality, however, they won't give you what you want.


The GCX is on the list. But its price range is keeping it a bit lower on the list as there are a few other things I need to do first. Programming is not needed (at the moment) and the way I have my pedals set up, the Loop-Master will work perfectly for the time being. At the moment all I really need is a true-bypass switcher for my effects. I am not playing out, so my rig is currently a permanent installation. I have had to take a few pedals out of the current arrangement and I do not have a few of my pedals in the spot i would like them to be in as the tone-suck that comes from the lack of true-bypass is a bit too much. BTW, I recently picked up an MXR Carbon Copy Delay (not pictured, to use as a backup for my vintage MXR Analog Delay) and while I can not speak for other modern day MXR effects, the Carbon Copy (which turned out to be surprisingly decent), is spec'd as a true bypass pedal but it most certainly is not. Even bypassed there is significant tone coloration. The vintage delay REQUIRES a true-bypass switcher as it really colors your tone - in a good way, of course, but not when bypassed.

Anyway, here's a pic, you will see what I mean....
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