Compare your tone to Jerry's, post the results

Re: Compare your tone to Jerry's, post the results

Postby waldo041 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:47 am

tcsned wrote:
waldo041 wrote:Here is my attempt. Thanks to PeteB for the lesson!

Moriarty Tiger> ab763 preamp (post alembic mods)> Mc2100(modded) > 2 - 12" / JBL E-120's


Nice! Doesn't look like you have any weak links in your signal path :cool:

Nope, the only weak link would be me! :lol:

"Tone is in the instruments. Technique in the hands. Do what you will." ~quote from some guy at the TGP forum

"Without a doubt, the quality of your instrument will effect your tone, and any pickups, effects, amps, and microphones used along the way will also have an impact on the sound waves."~Cameron Mizell
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