Auto wah/envelope filters

Re: Auto wah/envelope filters

Postby gpilcher2001 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:55 pm

FWIW I tried the proton a couple years ago. I was stoked on the you tubes vids and the small footprint. It sounded really good too. But my issue with it also was the decay time. I never did get around to trying any of his mods for the decay time but it looks like you have the newer version with an adjustable pot for that feature. I also wasn't happy with how it sat in the mix. I wasn't able to tell of it was on or not. I have since gone back to the qtron. I have borrowed an early 80's mu 3 and dug it. I am also considering a tru tron but it really just looks like his version of the qtron. Maybe his vactrol is better than the one Mathews uses. That would be cool if someone could post a clip of the tru tron vs the qtron. Greg...
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Re: Auto wah/envelope filters

Postby entraind » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:12 am

In my experience the Tru tron is much fatter sounding than the Q tron. I could never get the full sound of the Mu III (think 78 Estimated--see below) out of the Q-tron the Tru gets that sound in spades. I haven't touched my Qtron since the TruTron arrived.

This Estimated is a good example of a tone I could never get out of the Q but is easily attainable from the TruTron: ... eok.flac16
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Re: Auto wah/envelope filters

Postby Jon S. » Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:35 pm

"My" Proton is no longer mine - it's sold and shipped. Just didn't do it for me, as discussed. For now, I'm back to my M13 Tron Up digital model (which I like yet more than before I got the Proton as I was able to use the Proton as a baseline from which to benchmark and adjust the Tron Up).

If I ever try another MuTron-type standalone pedal, it will have to be the TruTron3x.
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Re: Auto wah/envelope filters

Postby tatittle » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:23 am

No, Jerry did have an OD in front of his Mu3 but it was not for the purpose you have grown accustomed to with your comp in front. I believe you have developed a sense of what an envelope filter is "supposed" to sound and react like from what you have dialed in with you digital version

Interesting. I had deduced from the pedalrack locations that the overdrive/dist+ was after the MuTron in the chain. I thought I was satisfied with this set-up after experimenting in person too, but I haven't tried the other way in years. I did used to put a compressor in front of my Maxon AF-9 to increase its sustain/decay, it seems logical to me that Bobby would have done this too with his liberal compression usage. I guess Ill have to switch up the order and give a fresh listen.
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