Fuchs ODS 30 as a Jerry Amp

Fuchs ODS 30 as a Jerry Amp

Postby 1960strat » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:39 am

I have one for other projects, but i was surprised how good the clean side of the amp sounds through an E120. I have the amp set on the clean channel, in jazz mode, brite switch on. We will see how well it will cut through in a band situation. Anyone else ever use one like this?
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Re: Fuchs ODS 30 as a Jerry Amp

Postby jeffm725 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:50 am

Not surprised at all. Fuchs makes some Great amps. Listen, you have to really think the lineage of what you are playing.
The Fuchs ODS is his version of a Dumble OverDrive special. Well then ask yourself, what the heck is a Dumble? A Dumble is a Fender circuit tweaked to the max by a madman genius. These are all made and known for their overdrive channels (everyone wants that smooth singing Overdrive that Robben Ford and Larry Carlton do so well).......but in the end what you have is a souped up Fender circuit done with loving care by a boutique amp maker. You should have NO problems getting great clean tones out of that amp's clean channel and isn't that what Jerry was all about? Pure clean power to let his hands do the talking? Remember that these are made to break up, and compress at lower volume by default so you have to be single minded in your intent to get the best clean sounds out of it. an ODS30 may or may not be slightly underpowered as a clean amp in a band setting if you are not mic'ing, but I think actually it will be just perfect unless you are playing huge stages or play insanely loud as a band.

Check out the Fuchs clean machine, I bet that would be a GREAT jerry amp!
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